Pack Positive Centre Launch_Jan19.jpg

European packaging manufacturer Coveris has opened a first of its kind sustainable development centre in Leeds, as part of its Pack Positive® strategy to address packaging and food sustainability in a circular economy.

Responsible for delivering sustainable packaging across multiple plastic and paper formats, the centre is a further step towards greater collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the supply chain on this issue - something that is much needed in the UK packaging market. Through it, Coveris will look to connect industry stakeholders with new trends, materials, technologies and ways of thinking, supported by an academic partnership with Leeds Beckett University’s The Retail Institute.

Leaders from across the retail food and drink sector also participated in a collaborative Thought Leaders Forum chaired by Professor Jeff Gold of Leeds Beckett University to explore future opportunities and challenges faced as an industry.

The Pack Positive® Centre aims to provide a dedicated facility and creative development space for retailers, brand owners, manufacturers and technology partners to collaborate with Coveris and drive sustainable value through the entire packaging development process; from ideation and insight, through to testing, print, commercialisation and recyclability.

Aligned with UK Plastic Pact and Courtauld 2025 commitments to support a circular economy and reduce waste, Pack Positive® shares their goals of delivering 100% recyclable packaging, 30% recyclate plastic content and 20% food waste reduction.

Adam Robinson, Insights and Creative Manager at the Pack Positive® Centre said: “The Pack Positive® Centre will be instrumental in delivering Coveris’ 2025 vision for a circular economy and supporting our customers and retail partners achieve their sustainability targets. Through collaboration with stakeholders in the supply chain, access to expert capabilities and extensive consumer and retail insight via our partnership with The Retail Institute, the Centre will facilitate education and innovation as we lead positive and ambitious change in the packaging industry.”

Coveris will host regular workshops at the Pack Positive® Centre designed to educate and inspire packaging of the future.

Events currently scheduled for the Pack Positive® Centre are:

  • Fibre Working Group: Recyclability of paper and board update: Thursday 4th April
  • Update to OPRL Labelling System: Thursday 2nd May
  • Packaging for Generation Z: Thursday 18th July