Cortec® Corporation is ready to make corrosion protection more convenient by producing custom-made CorrTainer® boxes in any quantity at Cortec® Coated Products in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

These innovative boxes incorporate Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCIs) directly into the cardboard walls for automatic corrosion protection of the metal parts placed and sealed inside a CorrTainer® box. Due to vertical integration, Cortec® will now be able to supply these convenient corrosion protection boxes in small or large amounts according to customer needs.

In the past, Cortec® found it difficult to provide CorrTainer® samples to customers since the outsourced assembler required a truckload order at minimum. This made it challenging to supply just one or two samples to customers interested in trying the box but not ready to make an order. It also made customizability more difficult. That has changed with the installation of a state-of-the-art box making machine that allows Cortec® to make any quantity of boxes in-house on demand. The CorrTainer® boxes can be custom-designed to meet the customer’s exact size requirements.

Cortec® first began using the equipment to make its own customizable packing boxes for shipping VpCI® products to customers. The company is now taking the next step of applying this box-making flexibility to its innovative CorrTainer®. The potential for easily making any number or size of CorrTainer® will greatly open up the opportunity for samples and custom orders of this unique corrosion inhibiting box. The increased responsiveness to requests for sample CorrTainer® boxes, small to large quantity orders, and custom sizes will be a major service improvement to Cortec’s customers.

CorrTainer® is a practical and convenient packaging option for shipping metal parts. VpCI® molecules coated on the corrugated cardboard evaporate and diffuse throughout the enclosed box forming a protective layer on metal parts packaged inside the CorrTainer®. The molecular layer protects the metal surface from interacting with corrosive elements such as moisture and oxygen that may be present during the shipping and storage experience. Multi-metal products can simply be placed inside the box for protection.

CorrTainer® is an excellent option for customers that are shipping single-use packs of spare parts such as automotive brakes, clutches, or similar equipment. In this situation, CorrTainer® often eliminates the need for inserting internal packaging such as polyethylene bags or paper wraps. CorrTainer® has proven highly effective at preserving multi-packs of small items such as bearings, tools, bolts, and similar items. For added convenience, these parts can continue to receive corrosion protection if left sealed in the CorrTainer® and placed on a shelf after shipping. CorrTainer® also works well in bulk or large dimension boxes when used with VpCI® interleaving materials for export and storage of components ranging from rough castings to high-end multi-metal telecommunications equipment. In this type of situation, customers often use VpCI® interleaving materials in combination with a box/crate liner of VpCI® impregnated plastic. Using CorrTainer® eliminates the need for the box/crate liner because the entire package is enclosed in VpCI® protection.

CorrTainer® is non-toxic and safe to use. It does not contain nitrites, phosphates, silicates, or banned or restricted substances per RoHS and similar regulations. After use, the CorrTainer® box is fully recyclable and repulpable.

CorrTainer® eliminates much of the need for secondary packaging and is a cost-effective option. Thanks to its philosophy of vertical integration, Cortec® will now be able to make this user-friendly packaging readily available to customers who want a simplified, customizable, one-step, one-SKU corrosion protection packaging product.

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