But it’s time for all of us to make a concerted, focused effort to make these facts known broadly and to do the right thing with packaging ourselves and spread the word to our communities. No longer is it feasible to ignore environmental needs. No longer is it possible to go on the way we have in the past. Cardboard, though, offers a clear option to make the right environmental choice.

To answer the question we posed at the beginning. What do you do after you’ve unboxed something that arrived in the mail? The answer is simple. Flatten the box, set it aside (when flat, it takes up hardly any space), and when you’re ready, simply put it in the right bin.

In nearly every European city, buildings are equipped with several bins. Simply find the one that is intended for cardboard and put it in. At that moment, you’ve started the process for that packaging to become fresh, new material—and it can happen again and again. It’s these small actions that, when done many times and by many people, can truly make a good impact and lead to the environmental protection we all want to see.