This innovative solution has been designed to automatically cut out and distribute palletising interlayers from a single roll - according to defined lengths.

EXCALIBUR sets itself up directly in the palletising lines and fits in with the configuration and the special features of each site. It allows the cutting of standard and technical papers inserted between the layers of products carrying out their stability in the supply chain.

Thus the EXCALIBUR range is able to take into account the storage optimisation issues ordered by mass distribution, but also the evolutionary pressures of many industrial markets.

Developed to respond to cost issues, the EXCALIBUR range offers three models -BASIC, CLASSIC, and EXTENDED.•    The EXCALIBUR BASIC model is limited to the cutting of single-sheet interlayers,•    The EXCALIBUR CLASSIC is available in a variety of versions -MONO, DUO and QUATTRO-, with multi-sheet cutting options (half-pallet and quarter-pallet) from a single roll unwound on a trolley.•    The EXCALIBUR EXTENDED model has been designed for manufacturers, who have robotic production lines. It allows a re-supply of the consumable without having to cross the gates of the robotic line and thus ensures a better efficiency of the line.

Finally, in order to meet the integration needs of layer palletizers (high-level, low-level), EXCALIBUR can be tailor-made according to each project, allowing the sheets to be available for the palletizers, regardless of their layout and congestion.

All these models are CE and available in widths of 800 mm and 1200 mm.

The CGP COATING INNOVATION group is present in North America through its subsidiary CGP EXPAL and a full UL-certified range has been launched in North America over the last few weeks. The EXCALIBUR UL models are available in 40" and 48" widths.

All EXCALIBUR models are available for sale or rental.

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