drinktec, one of the most important tradeshow for beverage has just ended and it was the perfect occasion for the CFT group to introduce its complete turnkey line for the brewing industry.

Its strong presence in the beverage industry have been strengthened by a partnership with ROLEC, a well-know beer processing machines manufacturer from Germany for the big processing part. A merger with SBC Bottling & Canning, a premium Italian manufacturer, leveraging their complete packaging range, which include premium machines for bottling still and carbonated products, spirits and beer.

Those two brands are part of the CFT Brewing division within the CFT GROUP, which strategy is to keep on enriching its machines portfolio for better matching its customer needs, those of today and tomorrow, starting from made-to-measure solutions available for a wide range of formats and products.

CFT Group’s latest innovative solutions composing its complete Brewing line have been featured during drinktec, starting from the processing, through to the filling and seaming fase, down to the end of line.

 The whole processing part is handled by the CFT group’s whole known brand ROLEC, offering a wide range of solutions, starting from the Malt handling & Miling up to the filling phase. The range includes the complete mashing sytems, the Lauter Tun Technlogy, Wort Boiling system, Hop dosing system and Process Control system. Its brewing systems can handle production volumes starting from 20hl up to 500hl, and offer major benefits in terms of:

• Production flexibility: the systems are designed to handle a wide range of beer types, and can adapt to already existing systems

• Production performance: the Rolec solutions are also designed in a cost-efficiency and time-saving perspective using the sharpest available technology, allowing to preserve and enhance the quality of your product.

• Production reliability: thanks to specific technologies also dedicated to specialty beers, and to the perfect matching of know-how and professionality of two big partners with numerous reference worldwide

The MASTER C TECH is CFT group’s latest high-performance filler for aluminium and steel cans. It is a flow meters filler,  which main plus is its high filling accuracy. This upgraded solution offer many advantages: Compact footprint, easy maintenance, hygienic and sanitary design, external valve washing system, brushless drive units…This filler of 36 to 108 valves is coupled with the state of the art 3000 series seamer ( its fully electronic oil lubricated seamer), and can reach speeds from 24.000 to 90.000 cph. A perfectly efficient combo that can handle products from 200 ml up to 1 L. 

The MASTER G TECH is, instead, the evolution of the MASTER GLASS TRONIC, filler for glass and PET bottles. The MASTER G TECH is provided with full automatic vent tube set up that can easily be managed throughout  the operator panel (HMI), significantly reducing format change-over time. The fully automatic dummy bottles insertion for CIP also allows to optimize time and to reduce the manual intervention that has to be done on the machine. This filler from 12 to 120 valves can reach speeds from 5.000 up to 60.000 , and can be combined and offered as a monoblock or as a triblock.

The MASTER KEG is CFT new filling machine for Kegs and is provided with 4 gripping heads and 2 filling valves. The main characteristic which distinguishes it is the rinsing water recovery system, allowing to save more than 60% of water compared to the other traditional machines. This filler can reach speeds from 18 up to 240 keg/h, and handle a product volume starting  from 15 up  to 50L/keg. 

As a unique supplier CFT also offers complete lines. Strong of the long lasting experience of SIMA and COMACO,  CFT complete its offer with the end of line, thanks  to a wide range of highly flexible depalletisers, palletisers, and robot for cartons. 

The two excellence competencies centers for brewing are therefore 

• Made in Germany: for the brewing engineering, manufacturing and process automation

• Made in Italy: for the fillling and packaging engineering, manufacturing and process automation

Last but not least: the final and most important part of the whole product process introduced during drinktec was actually the beer tasting during the show, through the CRAFT BEER SHOW event organised by CFT, featuring different beers from various customers worldwide.

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