Cerulean and PCE say that their collaboration will allow collapsible tube manufacturers to fully automate their end-of-line processes with integrated pack and test solutions.

Incorporating 6 cells, the company says that its total end-of-line package includes the following features: 100% tube leak tester, 100% tube vision inspection, tube tray & lid forming and loading, tube packing, tube tray dust sheet application, and tube tray palletising.

The cells are available as a complete end-of-line solution or individually as expandable modules to suit applications meeting manufacturers’ needs and budgets with reported benefits that include: hygiene, reduction in manual labour, 100% leak tested tubes, and 100% vision inspected tubes.

Cerulean, part of the COESIA group, has been building automated tube packing machines for over 25 years and has recently partnered with PCE GROUP Limited, a UK-based manufacturer of automated solutions for a wide range of industries.

Formed in 1961, PCE Automation says that it has established itself as a market-leading supplier of automation solutions, providing a range of product handling, assembly, and testing systems. The partnership formed between Cerulean and PCE combines solutions of automation and product handling from PCE with the reputation Cerulean has for delivering automated tube packing solutions.

James Cook, managing director of PCE says: “Working with Cerulean allows us to have a worldwide reach and provide automated solutions for tube manufacturers everywhere.”

Steve Frankham, managing director of Cerulean, commented on the future partnership: “PCE are specialists in automation and incorporating their solutions with our own equipment brings a new level of expertise and support to our global customers.”