Camvac, a supplier of barrier films and laminates, has re-launched its Thermal Laminate product range with what it describes as "enhanced product performance".

The high-performance, metallised triplex Thermal Laminate range is part of the Camplex product portfolio and is predominantly used in the manufacture of Bag-in-Box and bulk liquid packaging solutions.

Camvac says that its thermal lamination range provides excellent seal strength, seal integrity, and flexibility – key performance parameters in the packing and transportation of liquids.

The metallised polyester film and conversion into metallised thermal laminate have been developed in-house. Camvac’s barrier film technology reportedly provides high oxygen barrier properties, maximising product shelf-life from packing through to consumption.

In terms of manufacture, the company utilises its Camplus process to enhance the oxygen barrier and, by combining this with its improved thermal lamination technology, it says it can deliver bags with exceptional strength.

Camvac claims that sustainability and cost savings to the supply chain may also be achievable, as the quality of the laminate could eliminate the requirement for inner liner films, providing the possibility to significantly reduce the quantity of plastic per bag unit and deliver cost savings, whilst maintaining product performance.

Commenting on the future of the product range, Gary Chalkley, Camvac’s development director said: “These are just the first steps in this project. Our future laminate developments targeted at sustainability will provide the potential to revolutionise the Bag-in-Box and bulk liquid packaging marketplace”