At the Fach Pack trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany from 24 to 26 September, Multipond will present two solutions on stand 337 in Hall 1.

The demonstrated solutions include the patented ARGUS-03 camera for monitoring an optimum product flow. Multipond's camera-monitored weigher guarantees controlled filling of the weigh hopper thanks to the automated response to the image data. The automated optimization of the product flow without operator intervention achieves a more constant metering and hence a broader range of combinations. The result is a faster speed and even more accuracy, especially for weighing difficult products such as meat or salad. 

Another solution on show on the MULTIPOND exhibition stand will be a patented solution for the deposition of fines when weighing sugared products using a multihead weigher and evacuation ring. Perfect for weighing sugared gum sweets. Sugar is funneled out of the system through specially designed outlets at the end of the feed trays. This sugar is passed through the outlets to a rotating ring, called an "evacuation ring", and is drawn off by a vacuum. The multihead weigher works according to the proven system and is not affected by this process. This solution can also be retrofitted on existing machines, thereby rounding out the range for the corresponding products.