Leading pharmacy and healthcare supplier, Valley Northern, has a bespoke printing service available to pharmacies nationwide. This service allows pharmacies to improve their brand awareness, with uniquely printed bags and cartons displaying their company logo. In addition, moving away from plain packaging also improves patient safety.

Pharmacies can design their bespoke pharmacy packaging in a way that represents their brand, with their logo positioned and sized to their preferences. This consistent, brand focused packaging will help independent pharmacies build reputation and send out a professional impression. For customers who choose to purchase bespoke printed bags and cartons, Valley Northern can quote order costs on an individual basis, meaning they aren't limited by a set design configuration. Their in-house custom print team will guide customers seamlessly through the whole process

Valley Northern appreciates that smaller pharmacies may not have an abundance of room to store large orders of pharmacy bags and cartons, but believes they should still reap the benefits of buying bulk orders at a lower price per unit. To help in cases like this, Valley Northern has different options available to their customers, including storage deals. 

"We believe pharmacies play a vital role in the community," explained Adrian Pittock, marketing director of Valley Northern. "Our aim is to help pharmacies serve their customers as quickly and as safely as possible. Plain white cartons may be seen as the norm, but they can be an unnecessary cause of risk to patient safety. 

"With our printed packaging, medicine looks like medicine at a quick glance and patients can clearly see what they are taking. This means more vulnerable patients, such as the elderly, have a clear visual to help with their medication usage and distinguish between prescribed and over the counter medication. Key phone numbers can also be clearly printed, and larger text options are available for visually impaired patients."

This custom print facility will also benefit a pharmacy’s workforce. When designing bespoke medicine cartons, customers can include a clear space in their design, specifically for pharmacy labels to be stuck to the box. This saves time when dispensing medication as it is clear where to place the label. Pharmacists and healthcare workers can then spend more time fulfilling customer-facing roles, reinforcing their cornerstone role in the community.  

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