The latest addition to Berry bpi’s NorDiVent range provides end-user convenience with a pack that reportedly allows the contents (typically concrete or cement) to be used without unnecessary product waste.

A long-standing partnership between Berry bpi and specialist dry mortars manufacturer Marlon Tørmørtel has now resulted in the successful development of the NorDiVent easy split. The companies say that their new design offers the end-user the dual benefits of easy opening and emptying.  At the same time, it apparently retains the proven benefits of the existing NorDiVent bag for long-term dust-free filling and “excellent” product and moisture protection.

“This ‘easy split’ function does not compromise on the other important features of the NorDiVent bag such as the high venting performance, product protection against water ingress, a clean appearance and the process ability on customers’ machines,” confirms Frank Heseding, Business Development Manager, Berry bpi.

End-users are able to empty the bag on construction sites directly into concrete and cement pumps without the need for any additional opening tools such as a knife. Berry says that this provides a fast and safe solution. In addition, the bag can reportedly be fully emptied without any product loss due to the corner seal. According to Berry, this offers an important advantage over the classic paper valve sack, where the valve area cannot be emptied completely.