IQDEMY Quantum Technology SA, a company of IQDEMY Holdings, has announced its newest development designed to help brands, marketers as well as the security market to provide an individualised, bespoke solution in anti-counterfeiting.

Globally, brands, manufacturers and security companies are losing yearly $1.5 trillion due to counterfeits. The annual growth in anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and security packaging market alone is forecast to grow at an annual rate of 5.3% CAGR up to $3.6 billion from 2017 to 2022. Brand owners are increasingly looking at sophisticated solutions that do not break the bank and on the other hand are unique, sustainable and easy to use.

IQDEMY has been developing Quantum Dots, based on its unique Quantum Dots ink. The ink is available for water-based and UV, UV-LED printing processes whereby each ink set is tamper-evident and contains a code that cannot be broken.

The quantum dots are artificially synthesised nanocrystals between 2 – 10nm in size, absorbing energy in the UV spectrum which are invisible under normal circumstances. Add to this a bespoke, unique colour code that is achieved by mixing shades and one receives 4.3 billion variants within the four-colour-printing process. The result is a solution that is easily verifiable and whose codes are not even known to the laboratory mixing the ink. Adaptive custom solutions enable only the brand owner to reproduce the code.

IQDEMY’s Quantum Dots ink is a fundamentally new product that by different sizes of the nanocrystals in the ink enables different colour shades. Each customer or even each product can have its own quantum dots ink whereby each product or brand, depending on the requirements, receives an ink, whose Quantum Dots composition is unique. A printed mark that is or is not visible to the naked eye can contain certain shades as well as marks that can only be made visible and verified by certain equipment and mechanisms whereby applications such as smartphone and mobile digital channels are just one solution to check-up on the goods. Lightness resistance, photo stability, and fluorescence from UV to UR are a given, so that this genuine, cost-effective solution enables the brand protection industry to implement a highly sophisticated ink that only requires one mark on the products. As the composition of Quantum Dots cannot be broken by any digital method, it is the most secure solution in its field up to date.