Ball Corporation brings to life a new technology that is changing the shape of the industry by introducing its 360° aerosol can at the ADF&PCD exhibition in Paris on Jan. 30 and 31, 2019.

The newly developed technology brings another dimension to can contouring, using a process that allows custom shaping, symmetrically or asymmetrically, up to the full circumference of the can, ultimately benefiting both brand owners and end consumers.

360° Can Demands to be Seen and Touched

Ball paired its graphics expertise with innovative shaping to produce a can that is visually engaging from every angle. 360° offers brands a new advantage, delivering an aerosol package that communicates their story, stands out on the shelf, and consumers will want to examine more closely.

The true value of the 360° is found where graphics and embossing intersect. Artwork oriented to the recessed area complements the shaping and allows for dynamic detail. For brands that embrace a clean and simple aesthetic, this new dimension can add drama without clutter.

Packaging Europe caught up with Global innovations director, Jason Galley ahead of the reveal:

“By exploring the geometry of a can, our technology can give the functionality of improved physical grip without the need for say a matte finish. The shaped area can be oriented in a way that provides the consumer with grip, a feature that comes in handy with products where slippage is a usability concern. Shelf appeal can still be achieved through a shiny gloss finish.

“There are endless possibilities with design on top of functional benefits- for example graphics can convey the contents of the can in the recess to suggest what’s inside, or the contour can be used to add a 3D effect to a logo or image.

"360° brings can design to the next level, as varied shaping is available around the entire circumference of the can."

He enthuses that marrying shape and print together leads to an extremely impactful design: “We have really brought this new solution to life and are bringing it to the attention of the global market. The shape is striking on its own but with the combination of graphics it really stands out on the shelf.”

Aluminium aerosol cans present the look and feel the brand owner intended while also protecting the product during transit, whilst remaining lightweight. In addition, aluminium aerosol packaging has a unique sustainability profile and many advantages when compared with other packaging materials, such as plastic. When an aluminium aerosol package is empty, the materials are collected and can be recycled, again and again, with no loss of quality, making aluminium cans the most valuable containers in the recycling stream.

Held in Paris on Jan. 30–31, 2019,  Ball will be showcasing its new solutions at the ADF&PCD exhibition at stand V12.