Avery Dennison has launched a new manufacturing facility in Romania. Based in Timisoara, it will help service the demand for smart labelling across the European market and is the first facility of this type the company has opened in Europe.

With a combination of materials expertise, innovative, end-to-end technology and global capacity for supporting customers, Avery Dennison is the world’s largest ultra-high frequency radio-frequency identification (UHF RFID) partner. 

The site will manufacture RFID inlays and converted inlays used in the food, apparel, beauty, aviation, automotive, pharma industries and more, increasing speed-to-market for European customers who have previously relied on current facilities in Asia and the Americas.

Intelligent labels provide every item with a unique digital identity enabling access to data including product information, provenance, authentication and even insights into the products materials and how to recycle it. This can help brands leverage more accurate information to make significant improvements in stock management, make supply chains more efficient, and reduce waste, ultimately advancing sustainability across multiple industries. 

Avery Dennison believes that products purchased in the future will have a digital identity that enables it to connect with the internet - and everything else. And intelligent labels will be a core foundation of this connectivity.

Speaking on the launch of the new hub, Francisco Melo, VP and GM, Global RFID at Avery Dennison,  said: “We are very excited to open this new facility in Romania. We have seen increasing demand from the  European market for Intelligent Labels. Combining our manufacturing capabilities and capacity with our materials science expertise allows us to uniquely connect with our customers.”

Robert Sermer, Site Manager at Avery Dennison, added: “We will continue to invest in the area, and believe Romania can continue to expand our people-orientated vision with the new Intelligent Labels facility, bringing new specialised jobs to the area. Our engagement and approach with our people has led to an accident-free decade within our facilities. Safety, our main goal, is part of our culture, and now we are looking ahead to an even greater future with our new Intelligent Label business in Romania.”