Whether it is water, milk, juice, soft drinks, beer, wine or spirits, there is no beverage the AROL Group technology cannot cap, control and inspect in order to preserve and maintain its quality from bottling to consuming.

Efficient, fast, precise, AROL capping systems can be integrated at any time into existing production lines, in order to customise the closure system according to the requirements of size, material, type of container and cap, and guaranteeing an unsurpassed level of quality control over the production line thanks to the analysis and inspection technology of FT System.  At drinktec 2017, visitors were able to discover the preview of a real “CYBER PHYSICAL SYSTEM” ready for the Industry 4.0. “CYBER” is a virtual, parallel environment which is created with the continuous acquisition of data from the sensors present on the “PHYSICAL” bottling line.

The sensors present are those included on the AROL machines themselves - i.e. the new capper Equatorque IQ - able to monitor/detect their operation by measuring parameters such as vibrations, temperatures, accelerations and speed, in order to compare them with their optimal operational values, recording any deviations, and those integral to the bottling line inspections - as the FT SYSTEM QCS (Quality Control System) or the PCS (Pressure Control System) - able to measure the quality/quantity of the product during various phases of the production.

The innovative CYBER PHYSICAL SYSTEM is where the "connection" between the physical world (which generates the data) and the cyber world (which processes the data to understand the complex dynamics of the plant). 

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