The development in this larger, wide mouth neck finish is driven by the combination of three factors: - the continuous growth of aseptically processed, shelf stable beverages such as juices, drinkable dairy, Ready-To-Drink coffees and teas, preservative free drinks and water - the dynamic growth of on-the-go beverage consumption in single serve packaging formats - and the increasing consumer demand for on-the-go beverage convenience, hygiene and resealablity provided by a flip-top sport cap with a larger neck finish for superior hydration.

To address these customer and consumer needs, Aptar has developed UNO, a liner-less flip top, plug-seal sport closure for PET bottles, based on the success and market acceptance of the Original sport closure family, offering a visible tamper evident and comfortable drinking spout. 

UNO 38mm is suitable for H2O2 sterilization for juice and dairy beverages, using the following aseptic equipment suppliers: Krones, Serac, KHS and GEA. Uno also fits Claranor Puls’Full Cap® sterilization with pulsed light. The closure perfectly passed the test and is therefore adapted for ESL>60 days and high acid aseptic lines. 

UNO 38mm by Aptar provides safety and convenience for on-the-go beverage consumption for children and active adults alike. Consumers looking for natural and healthy beverages can now enjoy convenience, in today’s traditional premium water brand packaging. 

Brand equity is maintained and superior drinking experience is achieved within the UNO 38mm sport closure design. 

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