Alvey designed and installed a palletising system for cheese products coming from 14 case packers.

The system features 14 accumulation tables, one multi-line palletiser and a complete conveyor system for cases and pallets. One high throughput palletiser is handling carton cases and plastic crates from 14 production lines.

The carton cases and plastic crates of packs of cheese vary in size between 1.5 kg and 15 kg. The palletising system achieves a performance of up to 50 pallets per hour.

On this installation, products coming from 14 case packers are collected and buffered on 14 accumulation tables. When the whole pallet volume is buffered on the table, it is sent it to the palletiser (PL 8300, high capacity machine). Interlayer sheets are inserted between the layers. After palletising, the pallet is wrapped and gets a label. 

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