Applied DNA Sciences provides molecular-based security and authentication solutions that help protect products, brands, entire supply chains, governments and consumers from theft, counterfeiting, fraud and diversion. Packaging Europe talks to Janice Meraglia, Vice President of Applied DNA Sciences, and finds out how these technologies can be applied in the packaging industry, adding extra security to barcordes, adding a molecular signature and optical identifiers.

Q: Please tell us a bit more about the technology.

A; To begin, our technology, SigNature® DNA, involves molecular tags that can be embedded into raw materials or applied to the surface of almost any object. Each custom molecular tag is formulated specifically to adhere tenaciously, and is optimized to support multiple authentications throughout the supply chain. While traditional barcodes are wonderful at tracking items as well as capturing POS transaction data, now add in the bad actors to the equation: they are counterfeiting raw ingredients, finished goods and the associated barcodes, labels and packaging. This is where our technology plays a critical role. The customized and secure SigNature® molecular tags can be integrated into the ink that produces the traditional barcodes as well as a quick optical identifier, so tests can be performed along the supply chain—weeding out counterfeits and exposing diversion within a global supply chain. The same molecular tag can be added to the raw ingredient, finished good and the packaging, creating an end-to-end solution that we call our CertainT™ platform of Tag, Test and Track. Traditional barcodes and the CertainT platform complement one another and provide companies a comprehensive solution that can deliver on reducing counterfeits and, at the same time, authenticate specific product claims to their end customers with confidence. 

Q: What advantages does the technology offer in comparison to other methods of providing smart labels?

A: Because our technology marks the cartridge of ink with a physical molecular tag, each printed code carries physical evidence of its authenticity and origin. With our tag, the label/code can easily be verified, thereby eliminating errant copies. Other methods can be copied. Labels can be copied. Codes can be copied. Our solution provides traceability, transparency and trust to our customers and an absolute method to support their brand protection strategies.  

Q: Are there any current applications with companies you’d like to mention? 

A: We just announced our partnership with Videojet Technologies and have only recently begun to present this to a range of industries including Personal Care, Food & Beverage and Aero Defense. This capability supports high-volume printing needs at per-part traceability—a true turnkey, continuous inkjet printing solution for manufacturing lines,  and it’s available now. The partnership brings both ink and molecular technologies together, giving industry a quick and affordable way to prove authenticity and fight the growing issue of counterfeits and diversion across our global supply chains. 

Janice Meraglia is Vice President of Government and Military Programs at Applied DNA Sciences, a provider of molecular technologies that enable supply chain security, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft technology, product genotyping and DNA mass production for diagnostics and therapeutics.