This past year has been particularly significant for Italian company ACMA, part of the Coesia Group, which has been specializing in the design, construction and marketing fast-moving consumer goods packaging solutions for over ninety years.

A confectionery machine and a new high-speed soap line were launched in 2017. The company also strengthened its approach in all its fields.

Committed to realizing innovative and high-quality solutions, ACMA pays special attention to the trends of the field in which it operates, in order to react to the actual final user’s expectations, right from the design phases. This translates into a higher commitment to realizing innovative packaging solutions, with features such as shape, closing systems and aesthetic qualities suitable to the specific needs and requirements of the different reference markets. Following these evolutions also means developing solutions marked by reduced energy consumption and environmental impact, which is made possible thanks to the know-how that ACMA and the Coesia Group accumulated over the years in sectors such as the use of innovative materials. Cooperation with the other companies of the Coesia Group also ensure the development of machines and units capable of interacting with one another. From Flexlink conveyors to HAPA printing solutions, to the luxury cases managed by EMMECI machines, capable of containing different types of packages produced by the company based in Bologna, such as the classy two-lobe bags and the “Boero”-style chocolates. In 2017, to be closer to its customer’s needs, ACMA renamed its portfolio, so that it is easier to understand the reference field, technology and technical features of every machine from its name.

Soap: synergies and know-how to build the Fastest Machines on the market

CMA founded its roots in the soap sector (powder and soap bars) in the mid 40s, and it has always stood out for its innovative and cutting-edge solutions, reaching a base of over 500 machines installed all over the world. Today, ACMA offers to its customers a wide range of machines for medium-large production volumes, with flexible wrapping types, thanks to the wrapping, flow packing and cartoning technologies, capable of managing soap bars ranging from 30 to 180 grams.  In 2017, ACMA has been particularly committed to this aspect, by launching two new high-speed machines for soap bar packaging: wrapper SW 700-D and cartoner SC 700-D. The two units were designed to work in line with the solutions developed by Mazzoni, a well-established soap production and formation brand, to create the highest-performing complete system on the market, capable of producing and wrapping 700 soap bars/minute. The technological partnership between the two Italian companies led to the development of a direct feeding system between the Mazzoni module and the ACMA module, by transferring the product on the line without using any conveyor. This feature prevents superfluous handling of the product, preserving its integrity and ensuring high qualitative standards, even at higher speeds.

ACMA wanted to underline this feature in the machine name, where the suffix “D” stands for the direct link between the two modules. During the open house held on May by the two companies, customers from all over the world had the opportunity to see the wrapper SW 700 D - connected upstream to Mazzoni STUR Ultra - in action. The machine can manage soap bars with different sizes and shapes, as well as several wrapping materials (including BOPP), so as to meet the various market needs, while preserving a perfect wrapping quality. Apart from SW 700-D, customers had the chance to see on video wall its twin cartoner, SC 700-D, a machine to wrap soap bars in cases, designed to work with the Mazzoni machine at 700 bpm. Both solutions are extremely flexible and offer and easy change of format, reduced unit cost per product, gentle handling and accurate wrapping. 

Confectionery: medium and high-speed solutions for products of any shape and size

ACMA can boast a ninety-year experience in candy, sweets and bakery products packaging, and it is one of the leading players on the market. ACMA machines combine technology and flexibility. An example of this is the CW 600 F: an alternate motion machine for multi-style flat base chocolate packaging, it has been designed to meet the specific needs of the markets requiring medium-speed solutions (the machine can reach 600 strokes per minute), with high flexibility, high wrapping quality and ease of use. Apart from the possibility of creating different styles, such as bunch, double ribbon, Boero, wallet, and patterns, CW 600 F allows the reel to be unwound independently, ensuring a perfect wrapping also in case of products with different inner and outer wraps. Furthermore, its compact layout allows it to be perfectly integrated in different production environments, while the cantilever structure and the use of brushless motors simplify its operation, maintenance and cleaning. It also allows to operate with all the main wrapping materials.  CW 800 R, on the other hand, is the latest Confectionery machine: an intermittent motion machine to wrap oval and round chocolates, the most requested shapes in this field. The unit succeeds the 880 model, widely appreciates for its reliability and ease of use. CW 800 R features a robust and compact frame, and an improved wrapping quality, capable of managing two wrapping styles (double bow and rolled) with a fast style change. The Confectionery machine portfolio includes also highspeed models, such as CW 850 R, multi-style solutions, HS 1000 and GS 1000 stick machines, tray formers, overwrappers and vertical packaging machines.

Tea: packaging Innovation for a 5000-year old product

ACMA also continues to focus on the tea packaging sector with a thorough portfolio, that meets all production needs and is based on four types of solutions. TD 300 is the company’s latest addition to create double chamber bags with lace and double knot tag, capable of reaching 300 bags/minute, made without using glue and staples. TE 500 is the high-performing machine (500 bpm) for thermos sealed double chamber with lace and tag, while TM 320 – a true “best-seller” on the market - is dedicated to high-speed packaging of thermos sealed bags with lace and tag, capable of working with a wider size range than any other machine on the field. Lastly, TL 180 processes whole tea leaves with single chamber with lace and tags at low speed (180 bpm). ACMA machines that produce thermos sealed bags can operate recyclable and biodegradable materials, such as PLA, in order to guarantee a product with a low environmental impact. Another strength of the ACMA portfolio is the capacity of ensuring the perfect type of processing based on the different types of tea and herbal tea blend - including those with high sugar content, thanks to the dosing units designed by the company. Lastly, ACMA offers a wide range of options for secondary packaging: from glue or flat cardboard to pouches, from lace Bag-in-bags and Sleeves to 10 unit micro-boxes with overwrapping.

In view of the activities implemented to obtain an ever-increasing rational and customer-oriented approach, ACMA is always present at the most important trade fairs. The next appointment will be from 28 to 31 January 2018, at the ProSweets confectionery trade fair in Cologne.

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