AB Numeric, a printing company forming part of the Brailly group in France's Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, acquired an HP Indigo 12000 in January 2017. Its purpose is to adapt production to the growing demand for customised small- and medium-sized print runs. 

The digital-focused printing company – which already owns an HP Indigo 7600 digital press and specializes in producing magazines, advertising leaflets and brochures – wanted to increase its productivity, provide more customized services and generate intermediary print output of between 32 x 46 and 72 x 102. 

So the Indigo 12000 digital press seemed the logical choice for supplementing its existing equipment and continuing to innovate. No adjustments are needed, less paper is wasted and print speeds are extremely high, all of which have helped AB Numeric enhance the range of services it provides and win market share. The company is now able to print low-to-medium quantities of brochures and leaflets – something it was previously unable to do because it wasn't profitable. 

 "The HP Indigo 12000 is remarkably easy to use and its print speeds are highly impressive. We no longer have to deal with so many paper constraints, which means we have more flexibility. So we can spend more time on the quality of the product and the service we deliver to our clients – and that's what we want to focus on" says Albert Brailly, CEO of the AB Numeric group.

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