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A changing industry

Logistics used to be something that happened outside the factory gate – but not anymore. As supply chains have become more integrated, the logistics providers have become service partners of the process industry. They handle transport and storage and take care that raw materials or products are handled with care, transported and stored at the right temperature and delivered in time everywhere in the world. Logistics is part of the above mentioned tracking system. Blockchain solutions are now entering the logistics universe and open up a plethora of new possibilities for integrated logistics solutions.

The future of processing

Industry 4.0 makes processes more efficient and, what might be even more important, more flexible. Digitisation in the process industries means measurement with non-invasive multiparameter online sensors that leads to real-time adjustments and process optimisation. It also means that modular plants become an option: Different components are brought into modules that can be combined freely following a ‘plug and play’ philosophy. Thus, production lines can be altered with very short changeover times. Plants are built into standard containers to be moved to wherever they are required with hardly any implementation time. Solutions can be customised according to the customer’s wishes – this is a giant step from world-scale plants with investment cycles of 30 years and a whole new way of thinking, and a lot of this thinking will be discussed at ACHEMA.