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In February 2024, KURZ launched TTR NOVA - an innovative new solution that offers holographic thermal transfer ribbons that can enhance product labels with diffractive finishes and dynamic depth effects. We caught up with Ivo Kionka, CEO at KURZ Typofol GmbH, to find out more.


For our readers who might not be familiar with NOVA, could you give us an overview of the solution?

TTR NOVA is the new product line we launched in February 2024. It complements our portfolio and adds holographic thermal transfer ribbons to it. We started with seven different designs, and more will follow.

With NOVA, we are expanding the design options for labeling products. The new solution allows us to apply diffractive finishes and dynamic depth effects to labels using thermal transfer.

And what are the product line’s key features and functionalities?

Above all, the new product line is very versatile. It is well suited for full-surface decoration but also enables the precise design of fine, intricate details. Last but not least, it can be overprinted, which opens up additional design options.

TTR NOVA can also be used on various substrates. The application is particularly suitable for durable marking and finishing of labels, credit cards, coated paper, and smooth plastic product packaging.

Why did KURZ decide to develop NOVA – what were the key objectives, and who is your target market?

We always want to offer our customers holistic, well-thought-out solutions with added value – and NOVA is no exception. In doing so, we focus on printers, brand owners, and product designers.

Brand owners and product designers face the challenge of creating unique designs that make their products stand out from the masses and help position their brands with their unique selling points. With diffractive finishing tailored to product labeling, we give them options they didn’t have before.

On the other hand, brand owners are also under increasing cost pressure. They have this in common with printers. We have developed the new product line to provide brand owners and printers with a particularly efficient option. Confectionery, wines, spirits, and textiles are just some areas in which TTR NOVA can be used.

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What differentiates this new product from existing solutions?

Hot stamping or cold transfer was previously required to add a holographic effect to labels and packaging whose marking is applied using TTR. With NOVA, this is no longer the case, as only a conventional flat-head printer is required. The new line is, therefore, a cost-effective and easy-to-implement option for enhancing labels and packaging using existing equipment.

What are some of the key trends and developments in your sector that our readers should be aware of, and how does NOVA fit into these?

In addition to the aspects already mentioned (the pursuit of brand designs with unique selling points and increasing cost pressure), two other developments play a crucial role.

Firstly, it is now more important than ever to remain flexible. Technologies are required that enable both series production and small special batches to be implemented quickly, efficiently, and to a high standard. On the other hand, high-quality, durable, and fast solutions are in demand. The properties of our new thermal transfer ribbons meet all of these requirements.

In addition to being versatile and easy to implement, our ribbons are also exceptionally resistant to heat and abrasion. Last but not least, we also have a resource-saving solution with the 5.7 µm thin carrier on which the ribbon is applied. In a nutshell, TTR NOVA gives labeling a futuristic touch while meeting the highest quality standards.