Time studies in a pilot project have proven that it is possible to reduce the time on site, for installation and commissioning of conveyors, with at least 40%.

Thus reducing project cost on the one hand and disturbances of the customer process on the other. CSi has been actively working on solutions to minimize the time for I&C and has now made the first steps to reap the benefits.

Equipment projects in production plants typically tend to have a relatively long period of installing and commissioning on-site in the factory. This disturbs the supply chain during a lenghty period. Batches of products have to be rescheduled, space has to be made available, extra measures have to be taken regarding safety and product quality, while at the same time no benefits of the new system can be realised. Reasons enough to work on solutions that shorten this period.

CSi has prepared and tested several adjustments in its conveyors and way of working to make this happen. One of the examples is to use connectors to connect standardised modules of conveyor to each other. Another one is to shift work from installation to assembly e.g. cabling and wiring and i/o-testing in the factory and not on-site. But also in the usage of high tech digital tools to prepare the work on-site (e.g. 3D-measurement, aligning of conveyors) much can be gained. Another benefit of the conveyor is that it can easily be relocated in your factory at a later moment in time. Their modular design ensures a futureproof existence at your site.

The first set of improvements and changes have been implemented in a pilot project. A second pilot project, in which more improvements will be implemented, is in preparation. In the first pilot project the focus was to improve our installation process and the design of our conveyors. In the next projects we are focussing more on aligning our supply chain to the new way of working. The goal in the end is to realise a 85% reduction in time on-site compared to the traditional way of working. The method chosen is one of continuous improvement.

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