Wipak has refined its downgauging technology to further improve its super thin and sustainable ‘SC Plus’ coextrusion film.

The Wipak Group has spent significant time and resource on developing its NC1 production line in Finland, allowing the Company to create bigger runs of SC Plus at a more superior quality than ever before.

“With food manufacturers increasingly demanding thinner, more sustainable packaging solutions that do not compromise pack integrity or performance, we place great emphasis on making continuous improvements in our operational efficiencies and in the quality of our products to satisfy their needs,” explained Patrick Verhelst, Sales & Marketing Director at the Wipak Group.

“As a result, we have perfected our NC1 production line technology so we can produce SC Plus more efficiently than ever before. Made with a unique film structure, SC Plus has high downgauging potential, but does not compromise pack integrity or food safety. Available to customers throughout Europe, it is a stiff, yet highly sustainable packaging solution, which is available in 50 – 150 microns thick and uses 25% less resources than conventional film. From a logistics perspective, it requires less pallets and storage space, which lowers transportation expenses. In fact, our calculations indicate that SC Plus packages offer more than a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions.”

The Wipak Group’s multi-million NC1 production line has created new capabilities for the production of flexible, thermoforming films, which have better mechanical strength, improved transparency and clarity, less curling for better processability, and better forming properties.

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