The second of our ‘From Competition to Collaboration’ live broadcast series, to take place on Thursday, 22nd July at 14:00 CET, puts the spotlight on the subject of refills and reusable packaging models – more specifically, why are they still not reaching their full potential and how can this issue be addressed?

There are of course many facets of this topic to consider. Among other things, we will be asking: What do we mean when we talk about reuse? What are the most promising opportunities for reuse in the retail and food service industries? Why, when there are so many innovative solutions out there, are reuse models still underperforming? And finally – most importantly – what practical steps can, and should, the industry take to promote systemic change?

As ever, we will be hearing from our regular panellists  Jocelyne Ehret, CEO of The Right Packaging, and Tracy Sutton, Founder and Lead Consultant of Root. This time they will also be joined by Catherine Rouanet, co-founder of No Waste in my World (NoWW). Established in 2020, NoWW designs and operates a deposit return solution tailor-made to switch from single-use to reusable packaging in stores and restaurants.

Tracy Sutton says: “Governments are introducing reuse targets for packaging, EPR legislation is being reformed and global FMCG brands are making commitments to offer their product in reusable refillable packaging. The big question is - how do we design the right reusable packaging solutions that are fit for the future and reduce environmental impact in practice? This session will explore different definitions of reuse, things to take into consideration when designing for reuse and we’ll also talk through some examples of systems in practice.”

And according to Jocelyne Ehret: “There is a difference between designing for reuse and a sustainable efficient reuse, closing this gap necessitate to take into consideration several impacts.”

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