UPM Raflatac is introducing to the European market three new sustainable, BPA-free label materials for retail weigh-price and backroom labelling applications as well as for logistics labelling. The new products enable printers to offer BPA-free, legislation-compliant thermal labels that come with the added advantage of the unique RAFNXT+ formula of sustainability credentials.

Thermal papers have traditionally used Bisphenol A (BPA) as a colour developer. However, new European Union legislation requires all thermal paper sold in Europe to be free of BPA after 2 January 2020.

RAFNXT+ is a next-generation solution for sustainable packaging that optimises the use of raw materials. The label materials are proven to be 20% more carbon positive than standard paper materials, using less energy and water and generating less waste during their lifecycle. RAFNXT+ label products provide a competitive edge in terms of both sustainability and efficiency, with savings in downtime and start-up waste thanks to fewer reel changes as well as lower packaging and transportation costs. All products in the range are based on our unique Forest Positive lifecycle approach - the future formula for sustainable labelling.

Thermal Eco BPA Free NXT+FSC and Retail Eco BPA Free NXT+FSC label materials can be applied to packaging films and most common cardboards in short-life labelling applications such as retail weigh-scale, backroom and logistics labelling. They ensure compliance with relevant food contact regulations and can be paired with a variety of different adhesives to ensure optimal performance at a range of temperatures. All four label materials are FSC(TM) certified, which guarantees that the wood raw material used to manufacture them is legally sourced and originates from sustainably managed forests.

"Many brands are incorporating net-positive principles into their strategies and targets, and the Forest Positive concept and RAFNXT+ product range is our answer to this. Thanks to their resource optimisation, these products are not only more carbon positive than our standard range, but they also help our customers improve their productivity. Our Thermal Eco range now included products that offer all these benefits and have the added advantage of being BPA free," explains Ville Pollari, Director, VIP & Prime segment, EMEIA, UPM Raflatac.