B-Better®, a water start-up brand from Unilever’s Future Platform, is launching a range of water beverages in SIG’s combidome carton bottle, which the company says offers the advantages of an aseptic carton pack and all the benefits of a bottle shape.

SIG’s carton bottle is fully recyclable and mainly made from FSCTM-certified paper board. B-Better is the first company to use combidome with SIGNATURE packaging material, where the polymers are linked to wood-based renewable materials through mass balancing. 

This means that the polymers used for laminating the paperboard and making the closure originate from renewable European wood sources and are certified via a mass balance system. For the polymers used in the SIGNATURE PACK, an equivalent amount of bio-based feedstock went into the manufacturing of the polymers. SIG chose to use a by-product from the paper industry known as tall oil for the plant-based feedstock rather than an agricultural crop to avoid using land and resources that could be used to produce food.

Added to this is an ultra-thin aluminium foil certified to Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) standard – a world-first from SIG.

B-Better is a range of 10 on-trend water beverages, including still, flavored and functional, which are enriched with B vitamins. Initial launch of the combidome 750ml carton bottles will be in Belgium, with 1% of revenues going to regional environmental causes.

As well as combidome’s strong environmental credentials, the convenient carton bottle design also complements the new water brand by immediately standing out on shelf to younger consumers, looking for true innovation to enjoy during their busy daily routine. 

Martin Herrenbrück, SIG’s President & General Manager, Europe: “Our pioneering cooperation with Unilever’s Future Platform start-up B-Better brand, focuses on our longer terms goals of giving more to society and the environment than we take out and on always acting sustainably and responsibly. Working together we are proud to launch an innovative water range in a game changing packaging solution, that will make a real difference for both consumers and the planet.”