TricorBraun Limited, the European subsidiary of TricorBraun, is celebrating the one-year anniversary of formally organizing its office in the United Kingdom, according to Joe Mazzilli, Sales Director - Europe.

"We've had a presence in the UK and Europe for more than five years," said Mazzilli. "But establishing roots with the opening of our facility shows commitment to a longer-term strategy. We continue to expand our customer base in Europe and revenue is up."

A global, packaging solutions company, TricorBraun is focused on providing innovative, custom solutions for its many customers throughout the world. TricorBraun operates from more than 40 locations throughout North America and Internationally from London, England: Guangzhou, China; Hong Kong, Mexico City, Mexico, Bogota, Colombia, and Mumbai, India. 

Mazzilli said that TricorBraun's UK office is growing and the future looks very bright. "With TricorBraun's global support network of design, engineering, marketing, supply chain, warehousing, and more— we are in a great position to support our customers' needs on a daily basis."

"Our company ethos is well-received by customers; our knowledge and flexibility create an incredible level of support," he said.

Keith Strope, President and CEO, of TricorBraun, said that the company's UK office is a key element in its global presence and the hub for its European expansion. "Through the UK office, we are able to bring our world-class resources to more customers in more countries."

Strope said that TricorBraun continues to position itself to more efficiently help customers bring their new and existing products to market with localized access to our expertise in package design, engineering, and mold building. "Our UK office is an important part of our growth strategy and we're excited about its future role."

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