Rose Brooke, editor of our sister magazine EPPM, raises important questions about the UK government's plan to stamp out all 'avoidable plastics' in 25 years. more

17 Jan 2018 14:43

Packaging Europe canvassed opinion on the trends and technologies that will characterise CPG and retail packaging over the coming year. A diverse group of industry authorities passed around our crystal ball. Here's what they foresaw. more

17 Jan 2018 14:04

On the backdrop of blanket calls for elimination of plastics, major packaging industry stakeholders have reacted positively to the European Commission’s holistic strategy, released yesterday, for integration of polymers into the Circular Economy. more

17 Jan 2018 13:33

Packaging Europe’s Tim Sykes was among the 330 delegates seeking to map the future of a sector that looks to have an increasingly prominent role in packaging more

17 Jan 2018 09:56

Amid a flurry of popularly driven single-bullet announcements on plastic waste and packaging, the EU's new strategy is a typically deliberative and balanced approach, setting out to define how plastics fit the broader circular economy agenda. more

16 Jan 2018 14:54

The UK’s leading frozen food specialist announced that it aims to eliminate plastic packaging by 2023. Iceland’s head of packaging Ian Schofield spoke to Tim Sykes about the implications. more

16 Jan 2018 13:58

In direct response to the 5p bottle tax and the threat of an imposed 25p ‘latte levy' on coffee cups, a new project will begin later this year in Cornwall to establish the viability of a radical new ‘Beverage Bin'. more

16 Jan 2018 09:00

Tim Sykes discusses packaging and Coca-Cola's European Sustainability Action Plan with Joe Franses and Ulrike Sapiro, and discovers that alternative feedstocks, refill systems and returnables are all on the table. more

15 Jan 2018 10:40

Specialists in the packaging, sustainability and recycling world have responded with qualified welcome for the 25-year sustainability plan unveiled by Theresa May more

12 Jan 2018 14:12

May's beleaguered government won praise for 'getting serious about plastic waste'. What are the connotations for industry - and is the direction of travel conducive to holistic sustainability goals? more

12 Jan 2018 09:45

Stimulating the wider packaging recycling debate. more

11 Jan 2018 14:19 1 Comments

Tata Steel has developed a mobile canning line concept which will allow farmers, anywhere in the world, to process and preserve their produce on site, helping to reduce food loss at source whilst generating additional revenues for farmers. more

11 Jan 2018 12:42

Driven by a desire to make an environmentally friendly stand up pouch which can be recycled and is compostable, B&G Products and partner HAVI have spent the last couple of years developing a solution that is credible, high performing and affordable. more

10 Jan 2018 11:06

Young packaging designer and Ravensbourne student, Balazs Kovacs has been recognised as winner of the Pro Carton UK Young Designer Competition. more

5 Jan 2018 09:47

Axion has launched a new ‘Design for Recycling’ service aimed at helping the plastic packaging value chain ensure that packaging placed on the market has been optimised for end of life, while maintaining its primary function of product protection. more

5 Jan 2018 08:06

The M&S Plan A 2025 steps up the retailer's sustainability goals, featuring a One Polymer Road Map & target for 100% of packaging widely recycled. Tim Sykes spoke to Kevin Vyse about the implications & the company's approach to sustainable packaging more

22 Dec 2017 10:35

David Palmer-Jones, Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ recycling and recovery UK comments on the importance of the Environmental Audit Committee's conclusion on deposit return schemes more

22 Dec 2017 10:02

On Wednesday, EU deputy ambassadors were briefed on the deal reached on Monday by negotiators on the EU waste package. more

21 Dec 2017 09:59

The Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA) is calling for Government to reform the Packaging Recovery Note System currently used to enable obligated businesses to meet their Producer Responsibility requirements more

21 Dec 2017 09:11

AIMPLAS coordinates the European project REFUCOAT, whose main objective is to develop new materials for food packaging in a more sustainable way. more

21 Dec 2017 08:38