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ILIP's Smart Ripe is a packaging that provides real-time information on the ripeness of fruit, which the company says can provide value to the supply chain and offer consumers the product that best suits their needs. Read more

Stora Enso has launched a turnkey solution for automated and unmanned retail. The solution, New Retail by Stora Enso, merges in-store and online shopping by using sustainable RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags for wireless authentication. Read more

After announcing a partnership with the Research Center for Respiratory Diseases (CEPR) of Inserm/University of Tours in April 2017, Nemera is presenting enhanced drug deposition results compared to classic nasal sprays with RetroNose. Read more

Electronic tracking of medication, flexible electronic connectivity, and battery-free sensor tags? These all sound like they are straight from an alternate universe in a Philip K. Dick novel; however, innovation today in the real world is smart. Read more

Smurfit Kappa’s Gérard van den Boogaard discusses the mind-boggling array of variables presented by e-commerce, overturning almost all of the suppositions that have served logistics and tertiary packaging well until now. Read more

SAICA Pack has collaborated with the Q-Partnership to produce an innovative fish and chip box design. Read more

For 2 years CEFLEX worked quietly on mapping a flexibles circular economy. Now it's ready to share its detailed vision and direction of travel. Tim Sykes was privileged as the first journalist to attend its general meeting – and left deeply impressed Read more

On Monday, evian® unveiled evian® (re)new – an in-home water appliance which provides consumers with evian® mineral water at home from the source with what the company claims is a significant reduction in plastic packaging. Read more

How can e-commerce consumer trends boost the adoption of smart and intelligent packaging? How can we make sustainability the core of packaging design? What are the implications for packaging in an omnichannel world? Read more

In the oenological sector, it is critical for labels to look pristine in consumers’ hands at all times, especially after bottles are chilled in ice buckets before serving. Read more

Tetra Pak has announced the launch of its connected packaging platform, which the company says will transform milk and juice cartons into interactive information channels, full-scale data carriers and digital tools. Read more

Anthem Worldwide, the global creative agency, has continued its partnership with pladis, to develop packaging designs for a new special edition variant for Flipz, the chocolate covered pretzel snack. Read more

London brand and packaging design agency Straight Forward Design spearheads a new campaign for Skittles to mark Pride 2019. Read more

Look around you, plastics is the new enemy. Brands, retailers and consumers are demanding we change the way we pack today. Waste reduction, recyclability and composability are turning from buzzwords to business fundamentals. Read more

The 14 expert judges represent a global perspective across the fields of design, engineering, retail, converting and academia, from organisations including Amazon, Bemis, Mintel, P&G - and Packaging Europe. Read more

Digital channels are all the rage in marketing, but in the CPG industry, POS materials remain as important as ever. Libby White spoke to Daragh Wall, Smurfit Kappa’s European Display Director and Sanja Čićkarić, EyeSee’s Account & Insights Director. Read more

Keystone Folding Box Co., a designer and manufacturer of paperboard packaging solutions, has responded to calls for reduced plastics in packaging. Read more

Together with other single use packaging items, single use coffee cups have received negative media attention in recent years. Does this mean that consumers are actually keen to seek out alternatives? Read more

Spreafico Automation, has established a partnership with the Dipartimento di Scienze per gli Alimenti, la Nutrizione e l’Ambiente of Università degli Studi di Milano for the study of the properties of self-protected capsules Read more

The stand-up pouch market has rocketed – prominently within the food sector, where the packaging type holds a number of stand-out properties addressing issues such as food waste. Read more

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