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Together with other single use packaging items, single use coffee cups have received negative media attention in recent years. Does this mean that consumers are actually keen to seek out alternatives? Read more

Spreafico Automation, has established a partnership with the Dipartimento di Scienze per gli Alimenti, la Nutrizione e l’Ambiente of Università degli Studi di Milano for the study of the properties of self-protected capsules Read more

The stand-up pouch market has rocketed – prominently within the food sector, where the packaging type holds a number of stand-out properties addressing issues such as food waste. Read more

Packhelp, a Warsaw-based startup that allows users to design and order their own custom-branded packaging, has raised $10 million in one of the largest Series A rounds in the CEE region. Read more

Look around you, plastics is the new enemy. Brands, retailers and consumers are demanding we change the way we pack today. Waste reduction, recyclability and composability are turning from buzzwords to business fundamentals. Read more

HP's video about our successful collaboration, part marketing campaign / part journalistic experiment: to deliver Packaging Europe magazine in multi-version digitally printed boxes, localised for all of our subscribers across Europe. Read more

Danone has taken a step forward in personalised, smart packaging solutions. Its Spanish natural mineral water brand, Font Vella, has announced the upcoming launch of Coach2O. Read more

Carlsberg has set itself some tough environmental targets for the coming decade. Read more



ALDI Nord and ALDI SÜD in Germany are rolling out an initiative to provide easy to understand information about the correct separation of recyclable materials on all their own brands. Read more

Phrases that recur when talking to glass manufacturers is that their product is natural, safe, infinitely recyclability and environmentally friendly. Read more

The EU-funded NanoPack project completed extensive research to examine how active food packaging technologies are perceived by consumers and retailers. Read more

At AIPIA’s 2018 annual congress one message became very clear: the smart packaging industry has taken major steps forward, and smart innovations have grown from an interesting novelty to a reliable tool that slots neatly into our connected world. Read more

Our writers share their predictions for the trends that will define the coming year in food and drink packaging. Read more

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Kathryn Fox, Global Marketing Manager at Videojet Technologies, looks at the rising star of on-the-go snack bars in Europe and how manufacturers can keep productivity to a maximum with advanced coding and marking systems. Read more

Uma Kannappan, Global Product Director, e-Content, at SGK, discusses how optimised digital shelf content can drive a better consumer experience. Read more


Against the backdrop of zero-waste initiatives and the growing influence of conscious consumerism, packaging innovators Touch have partnered with Nestlé Ice Cream to develop a reusable, durable container for its Häagen-Dazs brand. Read more

A joint consultation by the Food Standards Agency, Food Standards Scotland, Defra and the Department for Health & Social Care has been launched on improving allergen information. Read more

Rieke made a significant statement for the e-commerce channel in Q4 2018 with the launch of a new portfolio of non-leak trigger and pump dispenser solutions. Tim Sykes visited the company’s Leicester, UK, R&D centre to find out what is driving Rieke’ Read more

We reflect on our unprecedented collaboration with HP and LIC to distribute Packaging Europe in a digitally printed, multi-version corrugated box. HP’s experts and thought leaders in brand innovation to explore the ideas that the project touch upon Read more

Parkside has collaborated with meat substitute company Quorn to produce a reclosable pack for its range of meat-free products. Read more

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