Ahead of his keynote at the Global Packaged Summit, PepsiCo VP Chris Daly spoke to Tim Sykes about the environmental challenges for packaged goods and the need to follow a multi-dimensional, long-term roadmap to meet them. Read more

Entries to the most important international sustainable packaging competition have smashed last year's record by 60%. As the expert judging panel gets judging, here is the complete list of submissions to the 2019 edition. Read more

3D printing has been a buzzword for many years, with exciting developments cropping up in many sectors, including medicine, where the first 3D printed heart recently made headlines, construction and automotive. Read more

A traditional soft drink canning line processes enough beverage to fill two Olympic-size swimming pools every week – and that’s over 1.5 million cans. A typical alcoholic beverage can line would fill a pool even faster. Read more

Counterfeiting has moved on from small-scale operations to big business. Elisabeth Skoda shines a light on solutions as aimed at luxury packaging, pharmaceuticals and fast-moving consumer goods. Read more

What began as a legitimate concern about the amount of plastic we use (and throw away) has quickly evolved into what some would call a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction. Read more

Global creative agency Anthem Worldwide’s Benelux team are passionate about the role of design in creating more sustainable packaging solutions. Read more


As a leader in solutions for PET packaging, among others, Sidel is well placed to give us a picture of how the industry is tackling the complex and often divisive sustainability issues the plastics industry is faced with. Read more

Rolf Stangl, chief executive at SIG Combibloc, explores the role packaging companies can play to build zero carbon and circular economy solutions. Read more

Part of Laurent Miquel wines, Père et Fils pays tribute to eight generations of the Miquel family that have worked the vines of their estate located in the high Languedoc hills. Read more

With entries still flooding in and several desperate requests for more time, we have decided to grant an extra 24 hours for submissions to the Sustainability Awards 2019. Read more

COEXPAN has entered into a partnership agreement with NatureWorks LLC, a biopolymers supplier and founder of Ingeo™ PLA bioplastic, and with the AMUT Group, an Italian manufacturer of extrusion and thermoforming lines. Read more

Consumer appetite for milk looks set to remain steady in Europe over the coming years, but reliable and secure containers will have to play a critical role for the dairy sector’s continued success. Read more

Hugh Ross, CEO of Petainer explores refillable bottles (RefPET) as a stepping stone towards a zero-wate economy. Read more

PepsiCo VP (and Sustainability Awards judge) Chris Daly spoke to Tim Sykes about the environmental challenges for packaged goods and the need to follow a multi-dimensional, long-term roadmap to meet them. Read more

Last week, Scotland announced its new Deposit Return Scheme which will include aluminium and steel cans as well as drinks containers made of glass and Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic with a 20p deposit. Read more

By the end of the year, across six countries, Arla is making 600 million fresh milk cartons renewable and 560 million yogurt pots recyclable in a move that the company says will cut 7.330 tonnes of carbon. Read more

Stora Enso aims to start recycling used paper cups on a large scale at its Langerbrugge Mill in Belgium. Read more

Are biobased and biodegradable plastics also suitable for thermoforming? Find out in this case study by FKuR in an English language exclusive for Packaging Europe. Read more

AstroNova GmbH, European headquarters of AstroNova Inc. (RI, USA),  is extending its Product Identification range with new approved labelling for direct foodstuff contact. Read more

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