Rollprint Packaging Products Inc. has announced the debut of PropaPeel® STM, a steam sterilizable composite that is engineered to seal and peel from uncoated Tyvek® without fiber-tear.

PropaPeel® STM provides a more robust option for producing Tyvek® chevron pouches than the legacy products in the marketplace. To achieve this, Rollprint has created a multi-layer, heat stable composite of polyester and polypropylene copolymers. The end result is a steam sterilizable chevron pouch that maintains extraordinary durability and peel characteristics after the heat cycle.

PropaPeel® STM is designed to meet cost reduction and environmental impact goals for a variety of a commercial applications including medical devices and surgical tools. Steam sterilization is often preferred over traditional methods like ETO and gamma as steam provides a cost-efficient and safe way to sterilize the product in-house. Historically, a film that peels cleanly from Tyvek® and resists sticking to the product after the sterilization process has been difficult to source.

Rollprint has addressed these concerns through the extensive engineering of PropaPeel® STM. First, sticking of the product to the film is avoided by modifying and controlling the surface roughness and tension of the sealant layer while maintaining clarity. Secondly, the crystallinity and modulus of the sealant were designed to complement Tyvek, minimizing the stress on the non-woven fibers when peeled.

Dwane Hahn, VP of Sales and Marketing, expects PropaPeel® STM to reignite the conversation about using steam sterilization. The use of steam is widely considered to be the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly sterilization method. Mr. Hahn says, “Validation has commenced for several medical device applications.”

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