SUN Automation Group has introduced its latest advancement; SUN EZ-Covers, at Corrugated Week 2018 in Indianapolis, IN.  

The new patent-pending feed roll covers are replaceable in ~10 inch wide sections without removing the roll from the machine, enabling installation by one operator.

“At SUN Automation Group, we constantly ask our customers, ‘What is your pain point?’ and the significant downtime and costs associated with replacing entire feed rolls was a frequent answer,” says Chris Kyger, President of SUN Automation Group.  “Our innovative engineers worked tirelessly to develop this unique and groundbreaking solution with our customers’ needs in mind.”

The SUN EZ-Covers’ intuitive design allows for replacement without the involvement of maintenance personnel and significantly reduces planned and unplanned downtime.  In addition to the cost savings associated with labor and reduced disruption, SUN EZ-Covers also reduces costs associated with crating, transportation, inventory and handling since spare feed rolls are not needed.   SUN EZ-Covers also eliminates the need to stock spare feed rolls and reduces replacement time from 4-6 hours to just 30 minutes.  

SUN Automation Group will offer the SUN EZ-Covers as a total system, which consists of a core and a set of replaceable covers which fasten to the core.  At scheduled times, worn EZ-Covers are removed and a new set installed while the core remains on the machine.  

“SUN EZ-Covers are a perfect example of how SUN Automation Group innovates,” says Kyger.  “The SUN EZ-Covers System is truly a result of our unique “culture of listening” and I couldn’t be more proud of our entire team for once again bringing a groundbreaking solution to the corrugated industry.”