W-Cycle, an Israeli food-tech startup, has developed SupraPulp, a plastic-free packaging material made of sugarcane waste that is fully compostable, safe, yet durable enough to be used for greasy, wet, or hot food. 

Packaged food with SupraPulp can be frozen and heated with either an oven, convection oven, steam cooker, or microwave.

The product is made from 100% renewable sugarcane fibres, called bagasse - the dry, pulpy fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane and sorghum stalks are crushed to extract their juice.

CPET plastic trays are currently typically used for ready-meal packaging. SupraPulp, like CPET, is suitable for ready meals since it can be used in freezer-to-oven and microwave applications. Fresh meat, poultry, and seafood, which are commonly packed in plastic (PE, PET, Styrofoam) due to their juice runoff, can also be packaged using the new material.

Following years of R&D efforts, W-Cycle’s new SupraPulp material is able to be frozen to -40°C and reheated to 270°C. After use, the package can be disposed of as organic waste.

“Dispose of SupraPulp packages the same way as you would your salad,” says Lior Itai, CEO and co-founder of W-Cycle. “This food-grade, compostable packaging is a one-to-one replacement for its plastic counterpart.

"There are other compostable solutions on the market, but SupraPulp has game-changing functionality consumers need when they want to heat, freeze, or microwave convenience food products. Plus, SupraPulp trays have a luxury look and feel compared to plastic, aluminium, or bioplastic containers.”

“COVID-19 is drawing consumers’ attention to how we treat our planet and the future of the environment,” stresses Joseph Siani, CTO and co-founder of W-Cycle.

“There is greater demand — and pressure — on brands to offer environmentally responsible products. Providing a compostable solution for ready meals and meat products allows us to help food manufacturers, as well as consumers, ditch plastic containers and create a cleaner environment.”