The Safety Knife Company is delighted to announce the development of a new solution to help consumers with difficult to open blister and clam shell packs.

SKC, working with the University of Huddersfield and leading packaging innovation consultancy, ThePackHub, has developed their patented new answer to making opening packs easy, safe and straight-forward. SKC is about to start trials with consumer groups, in particular the elderly, visually or manually dis-advantaged. SKC invites packaging companies, product owners or retailers to collaborate in the trials and to build long term partnerships for the mutual exploitation of this important packaging innovation.

Blister /clam packs have often been cited as the worst offenders of the phenomenon known as ‘wrap rage’ with many packs difficult to open quickly and easily. SKC’s solution makes the process quick, safer and stress-free as well as adding more value to the packaging format. The simple but highly effective and flexible solution tackles the challenge of making packs more accessible whilst maintaining the full security of the welded package - all at ZERO additional manufacturing cost.

The SKC’s General Manager David Harris commented: “The key idea is a very simple innovation but, like most simple innovations, only obvious afterwards. Blister packs are hard to open because the consumer often must cut through two layers of tough plastic. Equally, where to cut is not obvious.”

“After a lot of brainstorming, the idea of an abutted groove solved all the problems. Firstly, only one thinned layer of plastic is cut, secondly, it provides a clear and secure path for the consumer to open the packaging with a very stable grip.”

Specifically for the dis-advantaged consumer although great for everyone, SKC’s patented ‘Blister Blaster’ was developed to make opening hard-to-open packaging even easier. It pierces specially created guide grooves to easily and safely cut along the edge making the whole process quick and easy.

Prototypes of the EazyOpen packaging and the ‘Blister Blaster’ will be available to try at ThePackHub’s stand J74 at this year’s Packaging Innovation show at Olympia, London 12th & 13th September.