Smurfit Kappa inspirepac, market leader in high quality printed corrugated packaging, has again shown its confidence in Mosca strapping technology with the purchase of two Mosca machines – the MCB-2 and the KCK-131 – for its new site at Markham Vale.

The machines are being used to strap constructed boxes into stacks and then to strap the stacks onto pallets, ready for distribution.  Boxes first travel through the MBC-2, which neatly squares them before strapping them lightly, and then move on to the KCK-131, which uses compression to strap them firmly on the pallet.  

The MCB-2 is the latest generation of in-line corrugated bundle strappers, and incorporates an integrated squaring device.  Its fully-automatic operation provides fast set-up and changeovers, ensuring extremely high process reliability.  Smooth bundle control is achieved by the use of the latest brushless DC technology which offers strap sealer reliability and low maintenance.   Throughput is up to 27 bundles per minute, while maintaining smooth transport of the bundles.

The KCK-131 combines high speeds with extremely economical operation.  Mosca’s specially-developed patented SoniXs sealing technology welds the strap ends using high-frequency ultrasonic vibration.  This provides a faster and more environmentally-friendly solution than conventional friction welding methods as no warm-up time is required and energy is only consumed at the moment the strap ends are sealed.  

In addition, the strength and stability of the strapping material  – with up to 85% tear resistance at the joint - makes it possible to use thinner strap products, which impacts on reducing packaging waste and material costs. Continuous operation - from the end of one coil to the start of a new coil - means there is no wasted material.                                     

The strap sealing unit with split dispenser means that the operator no longer needs to enter the security zone of the machine to change the strap – strap spools can be changed outside instead.  The unit is also quick and easy to operate.  To ensure continual operation, Smurfit Kappa inspirepac Markham Vale has purchased a spare SoniXs head so that strapping can continue during any scheduled service or maintenance.

Smurfit Kappa uses Mosca machines at various sites throughout its worldwide operations, but these are the first models to have been bought for the new Markham Vale site. The company opted for Mosca yet again because it was impressed with the SoniXs technology used by the machines and also because of the high level of service support that Mosca offers.

“We've been very happy with the new machines – as we knew we would be,” explains Adrian Thomas, Group Engineering Manager at Smurfit Kappa inspirepac Markham Vale. “We chose Mosca because of the reliability of the machines, the new technologies, such as the SoniXs heads, and the standards of servicing the company offers – you can always get a service engineer when you need one. Both machines installed very easily and have been an integral part of our set-up ever since. We would definitely buy from Mosca again in the future.”

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