Skanem, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of product decoration solutions joins hands with Magic Add, cloud based content and data management experts, and UPM Raflatac, a global supplier of pressure sensitive label materials.

The Skanem Group has joined forces with Magic Add and UPM Raflatac. Magic Add generates unique identifiers/ codes and manages them with a cloud based content and data management platform. With applications on manufacturing, logistics, and marketing, the technology can solve many issues from counterfeit goods to food waste. UPM Raflatac’s role in the cooperation is to act as a concept adviser and material expert.

With this partnership, Skanem enables its customers to promote, protect and track their brands with Smart Labels. Each label can be assigned a unique digital identity, which means more efficient tracking throughout the supply chain, higher consumer engagement and accurate authenticity verification. Not only does the technology allow for more content but also dynamic content that can be customised all the way to the consumer level. All information is stored and managed via a cloud based data management system provided by Magic Add.

As a supplier of a full range of Smart Labels, Skanem makes the process much simpler by offering an end-to-end Smart Label solution that is best suited for your specific needs, from technology, conversion, design and of course printing the labels.

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