The InspectorP6xx product family consists of three programmable camera types that differ in terms of their design, evaluation speed, and camera sensor resolution. But they all have one thing in common: In conjunction with the new SICK AppSpace platform, the cameras offer the freedom and flexibility to develop application software for specific tasks. This makes it possible for system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to implement tailor-made solutions and custom apps for individual customer needs. As the finished app is tailored precisely to the relevant application, its complexity can be reduced significantly. Furthermore, all cameras provide exceptionally convenient functions, such as aiming lasers, acoustic and optical feedback, as well as an SD memory card, which offer easy setup and operation and make simple analyses possible during use – perfect for Industry 4.0.

The InspectorP family provides programmable cameras for industrial image processing tasks. With a camera resolution of 1 to 4 megapixels, a flexible high-end optical design, integrated illumination even for large sensing ranges and fields of view, and the IP65/67 protection class, it is the ideal solution for demanding automation environments. Alongside the use of standard C-mount or S-mount lenses, the InspectorP6xx series even offers a variant with dynamic focus adjustment, which enables automated focus position adjustment from object to object so that parts can be easily analyzed at varying distances.