West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., a global leader in innovative solutions for injectable drug administration, today announced that its SelfDose™ Patient-Controlled Injector was named a recipient of a 2018 Pharmapack Exhibitor Innovation Award. The honor was presented to West on February 7 at Pharmapack Europe 2018 in Paris, France.

The Pharmapack Exhibitor Innovation Awards are presented annually to celebrate and recognize innovations in the pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery industries. To be considered, innovations must demonstrate the ability to address four key areas: health improvement, patient-centricity, economical interest, and sustainability. The SelfDose injector was selected as the best exhibitor innovation in the "Ease of Use and Patient Compliance" category.

"There are many patients who could benefit from a drug delivery system like SelfDose to make the injection experience more friendly and less intimidating. At West, we are focused on designing and delivering innovative options that consider a patient's unique needs," said Erin O'Brien, Vice President, West. "This award highlights the need to address such challenges, and validates our efforts—in collaboration with our pharmaceutical partners—to put patients at the center of our innovation."

The SelfDose patient-controlled injector is ergonomically designed for optimal patient administration. Patient-centric features include a simple, two-step operation to deliver a subcutaneous injection, as well as audible and visual end-of-dose indicators to confirm successful administration of a prescribed dose. Additionally, a passive safety system covers the needle before and after injection to help prevent needlestick injuries to the patient and caregiver. Extensive human factors studies have been performed with the SelfDose injector, confirming the intuitive design, and supporting its ease of use and patient acceptance.

In addition to the SelfDose injector, West will highlight its global contract manufacturing capabilities and showcase the following technologies at Pharmapack Europe:

• SmartDose® drug delivery platform—A wearable, subcutaneous injector with an integrated drug delivery system that incorporates human factors and usability testing to deliver a truly patient-centric approach to self-administration. The SmartDose platform offers a variety of integrated solutions for delivery and containment, recently building upon the success of the Generation I (Gen. I) device to offer Gen. II and Gen. III options to address market needs for higher-dose volumes and enhanced functionality and usability.

• NovaPure® components—High-quality components designed using Quality by Design (QbD) principles to reduce particulate and ensure consistency of delivery.

• LyoSeal® cap—An all-plastic, instant-sealing solution for lyophilized drug products, which enables stoppering and sealing to occur in one step during the lyophilization process.

• Daikyo Crystal Zenith® containment & delivery systems—A high-performance alternative to glass and an integrated lifecycle solution for containment and delivery systems designed to help maintain drug safety, purity and efficacy from development through to commercialization.

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