With Track&Trace solutions from one single source Seidenader offers responses to current and future specific national requirements. These facilitate serialization and aggregation from single packs to pallets in line with guidelines.

An end-to-end digital product pedigree guarantees the reliable traceability of pharmaceutical products. This means that the risks resulting from product counterfeiting or grey marketing can be reliably excluded. Serialization and aggregation in line with the regulations play an important role in this context at any individual packaging level. In concrete terms this means: for smallest saleable items, bundles, cases and pallets. 

The serialization of the smallest saleable items in the packaging line is a particularly challenging task that is handled with ease by the Seidenader ItemUnit. Depending on the regulations, for example, in addition to batch-specific information in plain text, such as batch number, production ID number (GTIN), expiration date, and a random, unique serial number, a DataMatrix code containing all the information mentioned above is printed on the box. Both, plain text and DataMatrix code, are checked for content, print quality and information conformity.

Once again in line with the regulations, the continued packaging line includes the aggregation of the serialized individual packages: these are first grouped together as bundles. The serial numbers of all items in a bundle are registered. A serialized bundle label is then printed and applied. Lastly, the item serial numbers within the bundle are linked to the serial number of the bundle itself. The same procedure is repeated - as necessary - both on case level and, at the end of the packaging line, on pallet level. This makes it possible to trace the content on every packaging level in the supply chain - down to individual boxes - back to the respective manufacturer. This can reliably prevent fake products from reaching the market.

Track&Trace solutions from Seidenader, which the company will also show at Interpack, ensure the reliable marking of any pharmaceutical packaging unit and tracking it on every aggregation level: in addition to producing ergonomically designed manual workstations and individual machines for serialization and aggregation, the company has also been implementing integrated units into fully automated packaging machines for ten years now.

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