Decorated glassware is a useful resource for manufacturers in a number of different sectors. In addition to premium labelling, glass decoration can give a product that extra edge that makes it stand out on the shelf.

For beauty brands and food & beverage companies looking to embellish their glass containers, however, there can be huge costs and challenges involved.

Traditionally, glassware bearing raised emblems or designs requires bespoke manufacturing. Not only is this very expensive, it’s also technically challenging, requiring investment in specific equipment. With the latest announcement from

Hertfordshire-based packaging manufacturers Royston Labels, that looks set to change.

Label’Glass is an innovative new service which allows glassware to be embellished with sophisticated raised emblems. This method could be revolutionary for smaller brands as it removes the need for bespoke manufacturing. With Label’Glass, standard, off-the-shelf glassware can be altered so that it features raised glass designs. Compared with traditional bespoke glassware, Label’Glass is hugely cost-effective and efficient. This service therefore removes many of the obstacles that would normally prohibit smaller companies from creating decorated glassware.

Royston Labels have announced that a range of different options are available with the Label’Glass service. Depending upon the client’s precise needs and the complexities of the brief, a degree of personalisation may be encouraged, however simpler options are also available.

Label’Glass is a technique that achieves a sleek and sophisticated raised effect similar to label embossing – but produced on a glass surface instead of paper. It’s a service that will add texture, depth and the mark of high quality manufacturing to all kinds of glass containers, from wine bottles to face cream jars.

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