In addition to its aesthetic properties, CapScent delivers on functionality. According to Saabelis, no reformulation is required and the format is suitable for all types of perfumes, so the fragrance in CapScent smells just like the product’s standard formula. The sample is simpler to use than the standard formats and eliminates the risk of perfume being spilled.

The idea behind CapScent arose almost by chance. “Two years ago we were looking for a solution – more practical, efficient and fun – to offer people who are staying in the hotel during their leisure or travelling, a way to test some cosmetics products,” Mr Mpiere explained. “We looked around about existing market and we didn’t find what we were looking for. So we decided to make the solution ourselves. We spent several months developing this product, focusing on advanced technology from the medical equipment industry. The result is a patented solution which revolutionises how brands sell and introduce customers to new perfumes.”

At the beginning CapScent was intended only for Saabelis’s own use. However, when the business saw how the first potential users responded, it decided to offer the solution to cosmetic brands. “It was launched in France one year ago,” Mr Mpiere said. “The market responded enthusiastically and now we are working with brands such as Estee Lauder. Next the focus is on European expansion. At the moment we are introducing CapScent in Germany, the UK and Switzerland. After that we will connect with Italy.”