A recent collaboration between Prepack (a member of SCGP), Sun Chemical, and Comexi has led to a breakthrough in retort pouch technology. They have successfully incorporated high-quality offset printing technology into this high demanding packaging.

A retort pouch is a high-performance type of flexible packaging used for food that requires sterilization under high temperatures. These pouches can be transported and stored at ambient conditions, providing convenience for end-users. Their lightweight design eliminates the need for temperature control during delivery and storage.


Commonly used for low-acid foods and beverages such as soy milk, juices with jelly, soups, pet food, and ready-to-eat meals, retort packaging has become essential in the food industry.

A recent collaboration between Prepack (a member of SCGP), Sun Chemical, and Comexi has led to a breakthrough in retort pouch technology. They have successfully incorporated high-quality offset printing technology into this high demanding packaging.

This new packaging is printed by Comexi Offset CI Evolution and will be showcased on Comexi’s drupa stand in Hall10 C19.

Product Specifications

Materials: PET (12 microns) printed reverse, laminated to ALU/CPP

Printing Method: Comexi Offset CI Evolution press

Inks Used:

  •  Sun Chemical Offset EB: SunBeam Advance
  • White ink by Flexo EB Sun Chemical 2774

Retort conditions achieved:

  • Temperature: 122°C
  • Duration: 46 minutes

comexi 2

Comexi Offset CI Evolution: a solvent-free hybrid printing press

Comexi Offset CI Evolution is a solvent-free hybrid printing press that seamlessly combines offset and flexo printing. It features a central impression cylinder (CI) and utilizes Electron Beam (EB) curing inks. This innovative technology offers several benefits: high-quality printing, safety through low migration EB inks and coatings, and versatility across a wide range of substrates for various applications. Additionally, it contributes to environmental sustainability by being completely solvent-free.

This versatile equipment enables on-demand printing, eliminating the need for pre-printed stock. With its rapid and cost-effective prepress capabilities, marketing files can be seamlessly converted to plate formats. Within minutes, the plates are imaged using CTP (computer-to-plate) technology, resulting in a complete set of plates in under 20 minutes.

Offset EB printing provides an exceptional solution for maximizing the Extended Colour Gamut (ECG) process. It delivers high-resolution, quality printing for solids, highlights, and fadings. Additionally, the press, which is not limited to ECG, can efficiently handle direct colours due to its automatic washing capabilities.

The Comexi Offset CI leverages competitively priced, recyclable lithographic aluminium plates (priced at 5-7€ each). This technology combines a competitive edge with rapid prepress processes, akin to digital workflows, allowing for easy modifications to designs, logos, texts, and colours. Introducing new designs is cost-effective.

The affordability of the plates, coupled with high-quality printing and ECG capabilities, enables frequent group designs and multiple SKU printing within a single run. This approach not only reduces costs and waste but also significantly boosts productivity. For instance, consider a printing job that consolidates eight designs in a single print run—it becomes eight times more efficient, as waste and changeover time are divided by eight!

SunBeam® Electron Beam Inks and Coatings

SunBeam, Sun Chemical’s premier range of electron beam (EB)-curing inks, has been expertly engineered to elevate your printing on paper, board, film, and plastic packaging.

Versatile and efficient: SunBeam inks, suitable for a variety of substrates, offer excellent adhesion and quick curing, making them ideal for high-speed electron beam curing processes.

Advanced features for improved performance: The inks boast enhanced water tolerance for reduced waste, superior opacity for offset and flexo printing, compatible with coatings and laminations, vibrant colours with an extended gamut, and low migration for safety in sensitive applications.

Eco-friendly and safe: Designed to be efficient and eco-friendly, SunBeam inks minimize print waste and adhere to strict safety standards.


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