In this edition of the Spotlight, Sekisui tells us about Ultiloc 5003, its component for mono-material packaging.

The fastest growing segment of the flexible packaging market is environmentally friendly solutions. The industry as a whole is shifting toward mono-material film structures due to mounting regulatory pressure, larger climate concerns, and general cost efficiency.

In addition to use in traditional multilayer structures, Ultiloc 5003 can also be used in mono-material structures for improved recyclability and streamlined production. The barrier properties and excellent adhesion make Ultiloc 5003 the perfect fit in PP or PE mono-material structures. Sekisui has new test data to share on this novel copolymer.

Ultiloc offers a unique solution to formulators seeking environmentally friendly future developments. It provides exceptional gas barrier properties at low to moderate levels of humidity, as well as improved adhesion to a variety of substrates.

This particular characteristic can simplify processing and potentially reduce costs by eliminating the need for tie-layers in multilayered structures. For these reasons, Ultiloc 5003 is a viable replacement for PVdC [polyvinylidene chloride] and EVOH [ethylene vinyl alcohol] in barrier packaging applications.

Find out more about Ultiloc 5003 or request a sample on the Sekisui Specialty Chemicals website.

Ultiloc 5003 video

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