Whether antibiotics, cytostatic agents, infusion therapies, or other types of medicine, pharmacies usually need to get vital, temperature-sensitive medications to patients in a speedy fashion.

As a result, hospitals and the manufacturers of the sterile preparations, so-called compounders, are often faced with logistical challenges. Storopack has developed two sector-specific solutions for these kinds of situations: the Onco-System for pharmacies and laboratories is designed to facilitate the transportation of cytostatic agents and infusion therapies from the pharmacy (where they are mixed) to patients on the ward or at oncology centers. The Clinic-System is aimed at hospitals and covers transportation within clinics. 

Both solutions guarantee that vital medications are supplied to patients safely and at the right temperature. This is made possible by the proven phase change material (PCM) technology of the cooling packs made of hard plastic, whose dew point can be precisely tailored to the required temperature range. The transport boxes close up tight and boast additional sealing, thus ensuring reliable leakage protection at all times. The system solutions are made of durable EPP and can thus be used repeatedly, without losing their clean appearance. Thanks to the smooth material surface and the removable lining, all components can be effectively cleaned. The sizes of the Onco-System boxes are tailored to IV bags, allowing them to lie flat. This prevents damage during transportation such as kinks in the bag or at the predetermined breaking points of infusion instruments. 

Quick and Simple Application 

“Time is of the essence when treating cancer patients, and there is no room for error,” explains Olaf Neumann, Product Manager Medical Europe at Storopack. “When designing both sector-specific solutions, we therefore made sure that they are quick and easy to use. We are delighted to be able to provide the medical sector with a secure and reliable method for transporting sensitive and vital medications.” For both solutions, coloured specks on the surface of the boxes indicate their application and contents, so that, for instance, boxes for cytostatic agents can be identified at a glance (figure 03). The cooling packs for every temperature range are configured the same, making it easier for pharmacists and clinicians to use and pack the boxes. What’s more, the system solutions consist of a small number of coordinated components that can be used repeatedly and, if necessary, reordered individually at any time. If the box needs to be replaced, the cooling packs and closures can still be used. Both the Onco-System and Clinic-System are now available in two different sizes: the Onco-System comes with a useful volume of either 17 liters or 30 liters; with the Clinic-System, customers can choose between a useful volume of either 12 liters or 27 liters.