Leading UK sandwich packaging designer and manufacturer, RAP, has launched a new range produced entirely from agricultural waste.

Precious Planet FoodService, 100 per cent compostable and produced from leaves and stems left behind from harvest, is of “significant importance”, the company says, and further underlines its unequivocal commitment to removing avoidable plastics form its food-to-go packaging range.

Graham Williams, CEO, said: “While the launch of this new range signals a pivotal moment for us, it’s also part of a long journey we embark upon.

“We take sustainability extremely seriously. We appointed Paola Carceles as our head of sustainability last year and the Precious Planet FoodService range isn’t just another packaging product. It’s a whole new brand, and one that will help pave the way for further developments to meet the needs of both the retailer and the ever-more demanding, environmentally-conscious consumer.

“The board used can be recycled up to seven times, which offers a true, closed loop solution diverting waste from landfill and more crucially our oceans – a subject too often talked about but which we have actually delivered.”

The range lands on the back of RAP’s nomination in Packaging Europe’s “Sustainability Awards 2018”, for its AgriRAP sandwich wedge. Again, a product that is a fully bio-based, home compostable and widely recyclable providing an environmental saving of 47 per cent compared to FSC paper, and 29 per cent compared to recycled paper.

Likewise, the Precious Planet FoodService range is produced from wood fibres, and the cellulose film lining is certified to both the Forestry Stewardship Council and the Programme for the Endorsement for Forestry Certification standards.

Williams added: “We exist at a critical time in the future of our planet and it’s up to all stakeholders, from consumers through to designers, manufacturers and politicians, to drive forward each and every opportunity to make a difference.”