With the help of an EyeC inspection system, Eson Pac AG develops a collaboration with a well-known international pharmaceutical group. 

Customers, especially in the pharmaceutical sector, are placing high demands on package printing based on existing directives, such as GMP, and are requiring the use of inspection systems to ensure a high print quality. The use of these systems can thus make an important contribution to ensuring high quality and safety requirements, especially in the pharmaceutical industry – like the example from Eson Pac shows. 

Sophisticated print inspection of pharmaceutical labels

In 2016, Eson Pac was in conversation with a large international pharmaceutical group for the further production of labels. In order to secure the order in the long term, an extensive list of criteria for an artwork and off-line inspection was expected to be fulfilled. Based on the use of an EyeC inspection system, Eson Pac guaranteed both the required artwork inspection in the pre-press stage as well as the sample inspection during the entire label printing process. The EyeC Proofiler 400 DT off-line inspection system in combination with the Proofiler Graphic option fulfilled all the criteria required by the pharmaceutical group.

The EyeC Proofiler 400 DT performs a comprehensive check of samples against one or more approved PDF files or a reference print. The Proofiler Graphic option makes the graphic inspection from a printed PDF file in pre-press possible. Eson Pac will position itself even more strongly in the field of pharmaceuticals and promises further orders with the use of the inspection system, which complies with ISO 9001, GMP, GAMP 5 and 21 CFR Part 11. Easy and safe artwork and random sample inspectionAt the Drupa 2016 trade show in Dusseldorf, Eson Pac paid a visit to the EyeC booth and requested a short-term live demo of the off-line inspection system directly at its Swiss production facility.

“In choosing a suitable inspection system, in addition to adhering to all the requirements of our pharmaceutical customers, it was very important to have a simple and safe handling of the system. During the demo, the Proofiler had us immediately convinced: the quality inspection in pre-press and during printing is much easier, more understandable and safer”, highlights Markus Güntert, Site Manager in Aesch. Furthermore, the company has been impressed by EyeC’s service and support from the outset: “Due to the professional and fast training, our employees in the pre-press department were able to carry out the quality inspections successfully after just a short time”, said Güntert.

For six months, the EyeC system has now taken over the pre-press artwork inspection as well as off-line random sample inspection during label printing, thus ensuring compliance with the high quality standards of Eson Pac.

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