A new versatile paper void fill system created for high volume operations is being introduced by Pregis. The feature-rich Easypack® Quantum™ XTW offers high productivity, ease-of-use, safety, superior ergonomics, paper-loading ease, as well as, flexible design which enables customized work cell options.

“With the continued growth of e-commerce fulfillment, we wanted to design a system that met the requirements for demanding operations. We also wanted it to be easy-to-use, ergonomic and safe to operate, as well as offer a high degree of flexibility to meet specific packaging operation objectives. The Easypack® Quantum™ XTW does exactly that,” said Tom Wetsch, chief innovation officer, Pregis.

The latest addition to the Quantum line uses 29.5 inch-wide bundles of fan-folded, 100% recycled kraft paper to produce compressed paper which is used for void fill. Patent-pending paper bands are used to package the bundles. They enable easy opening and facilitate “daisy chaining” from one to another, eliminating downtime. Further, there is minimal secondary packaging to dispose, which helps companies meet their sustainability objectives.

The fan-folded feature enables faster dispensing, which creates more void fill for demanding operations. Traditional 12- to 24-inch kraft rolls are 900 to 1200 feet, while a single fan-folded bundle used by the Quantum™ XTW is 1,690 feet, requiring fewer changeovers.  The unit can also accommodate an optional magazine which holds up to six bundles of 29.5-inch wide fan-folded paper. This creates 500 cubic feet of consistent void fill packaging.

Further, operators can load a 30 pound paper bundle in a matter of seconds, by lifting it via the paper straps. The bladeless machine offers safety benefits and has been designed to eliminate paper jams so there is virtually zero downtime. 

To help support ergonomic objectives, the unit also includes the Quantum line’s patented floating, telescoping head that brings the paper to the operator. It can be height adjusted to accommodate operator preferences and customized for work station configurations, increasing productivity and comfort.

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