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  • bluebox podcast_final

    Zooming in on cross value chain collaboration


    Packaging Europe’s Global Packaging Innovation Forum event helped spark a collaboration between Blue Box Partners and H.B. Fuller, which resulted in a series of dedicated sessions, the Innovation Academies. At these events, partners across the value chain work together on co-designing tomorrow’s packaging solutions.

  • toppan-16.05

    Toppan develops temperature logger label for long-distance transportation


    Toppan has developed a thin, card-sized temperature logger label that enables temperature to be measured and recorded at regular intervals during transport with UHF and NFC, and for data to be sent to databases via wireless networks for cost-effective cold chain monitoring. 

  • steel-16.05

    Preliminary sales of green steel point to industry interest in decarbonisation solutions


    H2 Green Steel has announced that it has already signed supply agreements for over 1.5 million tonnes of its green steel, which will be produced from 2025 onwards at its fully integrated, digitalised, and automated plant in Sweden that will reportedly run on renewable energy. What does this mean for the European steel industry?

  • mondi-13.05

    Mondi switches entire range of glassine-based release liners to certified base paper


    Mondi has switched to certified base paper for its entire portfolio of glassine-based release liners with the goal of ensuring traceability and responsible forest management.

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    Mura Technology on the WWF chemical recycling principles


    In this podcast, Hannah Cole speaks to Dr Geoff Brighty from Mura Technology about what the WWF’s recently-released chemical recycling principles mean for the chemical recycling industry as it builds on current opportunities and challenges.

  • podcast-website-dhl-9th-may

    HFSS food rule changes and the packaging supply chain


    New rules governing the placement and promotion of HFSS foods (high in fat, sugar and salt) will come into force in the UK in October 2022, changing the way these products can be sold and promoted in-store. This will impact manufacturers, brand owners, retailers and packaging producers. Elisabeth Skoda speaks to Mark Patterson, who is Vice President Global Packaging Solutions at DHL, to get his take on how this might affect the industry.

  • huhtamaki-web-14.04.22

    Sustainability Perspectives: How can fiber packaging contribute to a sustainable future?


    Maria Wahlgren, SVP Commercial & Innovation, Fiber and Foodservice at Huhtamaki shares her insights on how fiber packaging can help solve the food industry’s sustainability challenges with Packaging Europe’s Libby Munford.

  • podcast-website-unesda

    Discussing sustainability and more with UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe


    Elisabeth Skoda discusses progress made towards UNESDA’s Circular Packaging Vision 2030 as well as the associations plans and goals with  director general Nicholas Hodac.

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    Sustainability Perspectives: Siegwerk on designing for circularity


    In the latest episode of our Sustainability Perspectives Series, Melina Spanoudi speaks about designing for circularity with Alina Marm, Head of Global Sustainability and Circular Economy at Siegwerk- a global provider of printing inks and coatings for packaging and labels.

  • huhtamakipodcast

    Sustainability Perspectives: Fiber-based packaging for FMCG


    Elisabeth Skoda explores the technology behind fiber-based packaging, a material that has been growing in popularity, looks at challenges and opportunities and discusses potential future developments with Herwin Wichers, Head of FMCG Category, Huhtamaki Fiber and Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania.

  • taghleef-web-10.03.22

    Sustainability Perspectives with Taghleef


    In the latest episode of our Sustainability Perspectives Series, Melina Spanoudi speaks about laminating for graphic arts applications with Raül Cobos, marketing and communications manager for Derprosa- the Taghleef Industries brand focused on laminating films for graphic arts applications in paper packaging. 

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    Closing the loop on plastic packaging in Kenya and beyond


    Certified B Corporation Mr Green Africa sets out to have a sustainable, long-term social, environmental and economic impact through the collection, conversion and selling of post consumer waste. Dow recently invested in the company to enable further diversion of plastic waste and to help close the loop. Elisabeth Skoda speaks to Dow’s Adwoa Coleman and Mr Green Africa’s Keiran Smith to learn more.

  • sps-podcast-website-mondi

    Sustainability Perspectives: Mondi gives eCommerce insights


    Daniela Dorner, Group eCommerce Director, Mondi Group sits down with Libby Munford, Editor, Packaging Europe to discuss how eCommerce is here to stay - but it must be sustainable. How can packaging be part of the solution?

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    Sustainability Perspectives: Discussing polystyrene with renewable content with Trinseo


    Trinseo has recently announced the launch of three of its STYRON™ polystyrene resins with renewable content. Elisabeth Skoda speaks with Julien Renvoise, who is Global Sustainability Marketing & Business Development Manager at the company, to find out more about the new resins and the challenges that had to be overcome when it came to creating these new materials.

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    Rovema Pasta Solution


    Fully integrated Rovema solution for packing of short cut pasta: Pack 5 tons of pasta per hour into pillow bags and tray with lid final packaging. For more information, visit our website: Rovema is a global packaging machinery supplier that offers best-in-class products employing German-engineered excellence, forward-thinking innovation and ...

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    Exploring the role hotmelt adhesives can play in sustainable packaging


    In the latest of our Sustainability Perspectives podcast series, Bostik’s Pascal Peroni discusses with Elisabeth Skoda how hotmelt adhesives can work as enablers for different sustainable packaging types, from recyclable and compostable to bio-based.

  • podcast-website-8th-feb

    Zooming in on plastic recycling


    The success of initiatives setting out to boost recycling rates hinges on recycling capacities and the availability of recycled plastics, so recyclers play a key role. Elisabeth Skoda discusses challenges, trends and solutions with Ton Emans, president at Plastics Recyclers Europe, and Paolo Glerean, chairman at RecyClass.

  • podcast-website-11th-jan

    Podcast: A look back at 2021 with the German Packaging Institute


    The German packaging institute dvi sets out to connect players from across the packaging value chain with the aim to initiate innovative and sustainable approaches for creating what it describes as “good packaging”.

  • WV-podcast-website-mitsubishi

    The Wider View podcast: Digital transformation and the packaging industry


    Mitsubishi Electric’s Malte Schlüter discusses with Elisabeth Skoda what terms like ‘digital transformation’, ‘digitalization’ and ‘smart factories’ mean for the packaging industry.

  • podcast-website-14th-dec

    Podcast: The NGO’s packaging perspective: WWF


    How can packaging sustainability be increased, and plastic leakage be addressed? Elisabeth Skoda discusses this and much more with Erin Simon, who is head of plastic waste and business at WWF.