The anti-counterfeit market is expected to double its 2016 revenue figure by 2021 however; packaging and labelling professionals are presented with several challenges to overcome before they can make this a reality. 

Some of these key hurdles include meeting EU FMD requirements, satisfying country specific requirements, preserving patient usability and outwitting resourceful counterfeiters. 

The key goal for the industry now is to prepare for the FMD deadlines within the given timeframe. With this, they also have the task of minimising costs due to recalls, deterring counterfeits, while maintaining the integrity of their pharmaceutical brand, endeavouring to utilise artwork to achieve higher patient compliance and challenges including new serialisation barcodes into artwork.

Following an explosion of interest from its established community of Packaging, Labelling and Artwork experts, the Seventh Annual Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Summit offers a supreme opportunity for the packaging and labelling industry to counteract malicious tampering, create FMD compliant packaging and gain competitive advantage. 

Its expert speaker panel includes the likes of:

•    Tina Schuleit, Senior Manager Artwork & Master Data, Lundbeck

•    Nadine Zimmermann, Artworks Specialist, Medinova

•    Horst Kastrup, Senior Regulatory, Advisor, MEDA Pharma

•    Ruxandra Rogosca, M.D., PhD, Global Pharmacovigilance Manager, Omega Pharma Corporate

•    Johan Verhaeghe, FMD Project Manager, Medicines for Europe

•    Géraldine Lissalde-Bonnet, Director Public Policy, GS1 Global Office

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