Europe’s strongest network of medium-sized packaging wholesalers and logistic experts, PackSynergy, expands with two new members to Spain and within Germany.

The Catalan Embamat and SSIM Packaging from Steinen, Lörrach increase the number of partners participating the network to 14 in eight different nations.  With altogether four new entries in 2016/2017 and a very good midyear result, PackSynergy sees its path of growth with a very positive outlook.

After Finland and Austria, PackSynergy is now also developing the Spanish market. „The in Barcelona located Embamat is market leader in the economic strongest region of Spain and furthermore also has good networks to Madrid and into the North of the country“ gladly tells Thomas A. Baur, CEO of PackSynergy. Managed by the brothers Esteve and Roger Amat, Embamat can look back on a successful company activity of over 80 years. Nowadays they service over 1.500 companies with products and services around packaging. “As the leading packaging wholesaler in Catalonia and northern Spain it is important for us to be part of a strong European network. 

PackSynergy’s focus on owner-managed, independent and medium-sized companies and especially the direct exchange and communication with colleagues of the network is of substantial value for us.” states Esteve Amat.

With SSIM Packaging from Steinen, Lörrach PackSynergy follows upon their strategy of also supporting and integrating small corporations / start-ups, which possess innovative approaches and good perspectives. For SSIM-General Manager Danny Berardinucci the partnership is „a unique possibility, to further develop our market position in the region and to expand the stock list with the virtual warehouse of Packsynergy.“ Alongside Berardinucci emphasizes, that „so far the contacts with PackSynergy and the members exceeded all expectations regarding cooperation, information exchange and mutual trust. The network conjoins all knowledge regarding packaging and strategies about orientation and direction of corporations.  Already the experiences of the CEO and the employees are an inexhaustible treasure trove of experience. “

CEO Thomas A. Baur is confidently looking into the future. „Together with the new entries in Finland and Austria during the previous year, we were able to further strengthen our basis in Europe.  PackSynergy is a unique success story in the packaging and logistic sector. We have an exciting growth story and also our midyear result was very positive. For the first time we will host an own packaging day in November, where we bring together partners, suppliers and expert of our industry. We live our believe, that especially the medium-sized packaging wholesalers who are partners in a network, can operate better and are more successful. “Promote partnerships” is a motto which we holistically implement, benefitting our partner, our suppliers and last but not least our customers“ 

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